The Art of Richard M. Powers


We've been fans of Richard M. Powers' (1921 - 1996) artwork since we were kids devouring SF books at our local libraries. His artwork fed the sense of wonder generated by the stories his art graced and made the first impression before we even read a word. He is one of the pioneers of the SF & Fantasy art genre. It is a pleasure to catalogue and post his jacket paintings here for generations of fans, new and old, to enjoy. 


SPACETIMEWARP: PAINTINGS by R.M. Powers. The 16 full-color color plates shown below were published by Nelson Doubleday in 1983 in a folio titled "Spacetimewarp: Paintings." Each plate measures 10 3/4 inches x 13 3/4 inches, unfortunately too large to fit onto our scanner in their entirety.


Plate One - Title: The Ur-City of fFlar

Plate Two - Title: fFlarian Aviandrogyne

Plate Three - Title: Gog-fFlar, Quasarquark of fFlar

Plate Four - Title: Ur-fFlar on the Nile, Terra, Circa March 11, 4106 B.C.

Plate Five - Title: The Game of fFlar

Plate Six - Title: The Cerebral City of fFlar

Plate Seven - Title: Confrontation in a Mutant fFlar

Plate Eight - Title: fFlar Enslaved: Darkest Period in the City's History

Plate Nine - Title: fFlarian Spacecraft Exploring a Dead Planet

Plate Ten - Title: fFlarians at the Hunt

Plate Eleven - Title: The Yeast-Tundra at the East Pole of fFlar: The Mylar Age

Plate Twelve - Title: Medieval fFlar

Plate Thirteen - Title: The City of fFlar: Blue Period, An Age of Robots

Plate Fourteen - Title: Space Prison of fFlar

Plate Fifteen - Title: The Corpus of the Ur-Hero

Plate Sixteen - Title: The Death and Disfiguration of fFlar: The End of Time