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In response to many requests, we're posting here on our website images of the Starship Enterprise Limited Edition print. This if for informational purposes only, the print itself is no longer available for sale.

This is a very large, full-color cut-away original print of the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D which measures 25.5" x 48" inches in size. This copy was one of 2,500 limited edition numbered copies, each signed by the artist/designer Christopher Cushman. This original is framed in matte-black metal and glass. The top images shows a cut-away view showing the internal layout and decks inside the Disk Section of the Enterprise 1701-D starship. The second image shows the print in full-size with a yard stick placed for context. The last image captures the print section titled "The Starship Enterprise Legacy"depicting the forebears of the NCC 1701-D Galaxy class starship back to the original Enterprise commanded by Captains April, Pike and finally James T. Kirk. The ship areas are all numbered and color coded to according to categories like Tactical/Defense, Enginneering, Command, Navigation, etc. Rooms, cabins and areas depicted in Star Trek: TNG are numbered within each colored category, e.g. Ten Forward, Shuttle Bay, Battle Bridge, etc.

The images fail to capture the vivid colors and detail in the print. Christopher Cushman took great care to capture as many details of the starship and he could. A wonderful print.